Who is Eliot Cutler

He’s a phony and a fraud. He’s rewriting and revising his history and profile to fit a carefully created campaign persona, fudging the facts and ignoring the truth.

So just who is Eliot Cutler? Since the mainstream media in Maine are clearly in the tank for Cutler  – whose ravings are quoted verbatim with no challenge or even cursory confirmation by lazy Maine reporters – this is only place where you’ll find out.

Cutler calls himself an “independent,” even claims to have once been a Republican. But a lifetime of working for big name Democrats, at a Democratic law firm and supporting and contributing to Democratic causes and candidates – including Barack Obama – shows otherwise.

On the campaign trail, he credits a “great school system” in Bangor for giving him a solid foundation. What he doesn’t say is that he left Bangor after his freshman year in high school to attend an elite private school saying he was “bored” with Bangor and couldn’t get a good education there.

He brags about his time at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). But his foot-dragging and bureaucratic incompetence may have led to the deaths of 39 people.

These are just some of the confusing contradictions and outright lies that Eliot Cutler is telling on the campaign trail. Over the next several weeks, THE SECRET FILE ON ELIOT CUTLER will reveal the facts about his life, facts you’ll find nowhere else, to help voters see the full picture of the man – his arrogance and ego, his ties to big corporations and foreign countries, and how he has spent a lifetime working directly against the interests of Maine and the US.

Browse around and check back often. You’ll find everything that Cutler doesn’t want you to know.

Who we are: We are a group of researchers, writers and journalists who are frustrated that Maine’s mainstream media is either unwilling or incapable of adequately investigating the backgrounds of candidates for higher office. We are not authorized by or affiliated with any candidate or political party, and we have not been compensated in any way for our effort. We do not advocate for or against the election of any particular candidate. We are simply exercising our First Amendment rights of free speech to provide the public with important information regarding candidates. The information provided here comes from a variety of reputable public sources, including news articles, court and municipal records and other documents.  Links are provided throughout this site so a reader can obtain most of the source material and decide for themselves.

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